Hey there!  I am really glad you're here, and I mean that. I am Stephanie, a Scranton, PA- born and raised gal who has a big personality with a touch of sarcasm (insert eye-roll.) I am a graduate of the University in Scranton and have a degree in Biology (I know, Science-->Photography... weird, right?) 

I have a serious obsession with coffee, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, dachshunds, and my family. I don't like to fly, (although I've gone skydiving), bad grammar and awkward situations. 

I am a mama bear to two toddlers that are a mere 17 months apart and keep me busy around the clock. By the way- I still don't feel like I am old enough to have kids (but I assure you, I am!). I have an amazing and supportive husband who was and still is my biggest supporter when it came to following my heart to start this business. 

Over the past few years I have become even more fascinated with photography. From lighting techniques, to various posing and directing strategies, I have made a serious effort to constantly learn something new to set me apart from the rest. There aren't many things I can guarantee, but I do know that during your session, we will have so much fun and probably laugh until your stomach hurts and as a result have the most awesome images that are as unique and beautiful are you are.